Why E-TEC?

Most folks understand why a two stroke engine offers so much more power than a comparably sized four stroke engine, the “secret” being that the two stroke pistons get forced down by a burning charge of air and fuel every single time as opposed to every other time in a four stroke. This enables a […]

A Volvo is a Volvo…right?

So just what is the difference between a car engine and a stern drive engine? You might think that your Volvo Penta powered boat has a Volvo engine in it and your Mercruiser powered boat has a Mercury engine. While the engines have been modified extensively for marine use, in almost every case, they are […]

Water, water everywhere…

Most marine engines both outboard and inboard use the available water around the boat to cool the power head. The most common way to go about this is to utilize a pump to draw water through a strainer either on the hull bottom or built into the lower unit. The water is sent into the […]